Partagez vos idées, Orange Open Innovation vous aide
à leur donner vie

Vous pouvez partager vos idées sur ce que pourraient être des services numériques innovants. C’est ce que vous propose Orange Open Innovation en donnant la parole… à votre imagination.
Cette vidéo dessinée présente (en anglais) cette opportunité d’influencer les utilisations du numérique de demain. Et si votre idée devenait un projet utile à tous…


Our lives are changing with digital technology… What if you could influence these changes?
And what if people listened to your opinion?
Orange is inviting you to share your ideas so that they become reality.
Every quarter, Orange Open Innovation suggests a topic: education, shopping, work, family, health, smart cities…
Imagine innovative digital services… present your ideas in a few words and share them!
Then, your ideas go all around the world. Hundreds of people are going to find out about them, comment on them and make them richer.
The community elects pertinent and ingenious ideas.
Five times a year, Orange invites the people whose ideas were most appreciated to Paris, to take part in a workshop, with its innovation teams.

Then, the result is presented on the Orange Open Innovation platform.
A local initiative can have a global impact! In Kenya, for example, a country where there are few bank accounts, ‘mobile money’ was created to allow transfers between individuals using a simple SMS.
Millions of people use it today!
Then, Orange extended the service from Senegal to Egypt, adding international transfer and bill-paying.
The idea is currently crossing the Mediterranean to reach Romania and France.
Local ideas can go global and benefit everyone.
Share your ideas, Orange is helping you to give them life.