At Oneytrust, the association of two French leaders of fraud prevention, we tackle manual
reviewing in two innovative ways.
We first created “Digital Review”, a second level scoring system based on data
With the help of machine learning, its mission is to mimic a fraud analyst with global
expertise, in order to minimize human intervention.
We then assembled a robot, knick-named “R-bot”, that allows “Digital Review” to be
performed as if a fraud analyst was logging in a fraud management interface.
All we need are credentials for “R-bot”.
There is no implementation effort on the partner’s side and their roadmap is not impacted!
Able to work 24 hours a day, “R-bot”, in a few seconds, travels to the assigned review
queues, either accepts the transaction or leaves the transaction untouched.
Yet, he gives access to the results of the “Digital Review” for the fraud analyst that will
follow up, leaving precious information… totally GDPR compliant.
With “Digital Review” in “R-bot” mode, any e-merchant can benefit from an untiring highskilled
analyst, that can auto-accept up to 60% of so-called “manual reviews”, whether
local or cross-border orders.
All this without having to rethink the whole fraud prevention strategy !
Say good bye to unnecessary overhead, peak-season managing and customer insults!
Welcome to a new and sane international business!


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