Here are two words you will start hearing more about: Inclusive Intelligence!
It is a rather new and positive point of view on human relationship, worth discovering! Curious? Find out in this video.



Hello, my Name is Mai Lam, I am a French Vietnamese, born in Laos, and
have lived in many countries through diverse cultures.
I have coached people across the world on inclusive leadership, turning
sensitivity to differences into a real skill.
To be together efficiently, we must go beyond tolerance and use a different
form of intelligence.

Let’s take a scientist and a creative.
Two expert minds in their own field.
When facing a disagreement, they could tend to defend their own ways and
end up working separately.
But with an inclusive intelligence, they could integrate each other’s mindset
and become stronger as individuals and as a team.

If you were to go to Vietnam and played with chopsticks, you would be
offending, could get a negative reaction and feel unwelcomed.
What seemed insignificant could turn into a conflict.
Using an inclusive intelligence allows you to quickly assess the other’s point
of view and find the right attitude.

And what about the cross generational dimension?
We very often project stereotypes between the “young and connected” and
the older people.
Rather than building walls between generations, inclusive intelligence helps
us to enrich our experience from our differences.

This intelligence is within us. This is how we grew up!
Yet, we must reach for it and learn how to use it when facing differences.
I have developed tools you can use to explore this new realm.
It was tried and tested with over a thousand managers on 4 continents.
Inclusive intelligence is good intelligence for greater achievement.
So let’s get into it !


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