Vitagora soutient le réseau FoodTech…

Dijon et son écosystème autour de la FoodTech représentent un atout majeur pour attirer les entrepreneurs français et internationaux. Cette video (en anglais) décrit les avantages à rejoindre cet écosystème en effervescence et très prometteur supporté par Vitagora.
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FoodTech is a fast-moving sector, changing the way we grow, manufacture, sell, and even consume, food !

For you, a FoodTech innovator and entrepreneur, you’re already on the right path : you’ve got your core technology, your first investors, and a winning team.
But time is running out to get your business off the ground.

That’s why you need a FoodTech ecosystem at the heart of Europe, where the right business support and connections will help your business thrive!
You will find this unique ecosystem in Dijon, where you can join a vibrant fabric of food businesses and investors, enjoy quality local infrastructure,and get the practical support you need tailored to your business.

And fast track your development
thanks to an innovative FoodTech accelerator, to help you gain access to markets and & distribution channels, develop a seamless user experience, lock down your logistics & supply chain, and accelerate your industrialisation and market launch
Faster, Further, Smarter !

This is the only European FoodTech ecosystem supported by a globally recognized business cluster, entirely committed to food innovation excellence, giving you access to 350 members, including international food business leaders, and markets throughout the world.

Its exceptional knowledge base of R&D experts and its industry leadership,
will keep you at the cutting edge of food innovation, and accelerate your time to market, with real results for your business.

Stake your claim in our unique Foodtech Ecosystem at the world-renowned, gastronomic heart of France, where your well-being and your business success are at your fingertips.
Get ready for a taste of your future!