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Plusieurs acteurs européens et nigérians s’unissent dans un projet pour lutter contre les maladies animales dans les zones rurales du Nigeria, un problème conséquent pour la population locale.

Pour favoriser la réussite de ce projet et rallier ses futurs participants, le CIRAD, coordinateur, choisi VideoTelling et son style de vidéo dessinée dynamique, parfaitement adapté pour présenter le projet, apporter la compréhension et obtenir l’adhésion.

Transcript vidéo
Nigeria is a very dynamic country.
Yet, in rural areas, animal diseases are still a threat to livestock and are affecting the socioeconomic well-being of local populations.


This is why Nigerian and European actors, sponsored by the European Union, decided to partner in the LIDISKI Project.


It aims to improve human and material capacities in surveillance and control of two important animal diseases : Peste des Petits Ruminants, PPR, and Newcastle Disease, ND.


With LIDISKI, Project partners will improve their capacities in collecting information to upgrade surveillance and control. Training of field actors, such as livestock owners and Community-Based Animal Health Workers will increase disease cases reporting.The project will also improve production and delivery of high-quality vaccines against PPR and ND.


The project will be participatory, engaging all actors, from national authorities to local veterinary services, and livestock owners. Building trust is essential to engage in collecting and sharing information, which are two milestones of surveillance and control systems.


Local and international experts will then analyze the data to design the most effective surveillance and control strategies for each region, considering gender-specific issues, social and cultural dimensions, climate change, and more.


Finally, before the project ends, all developed methods and tools will remain accessible and beneficial to the country and its population. National and local actors will have the means to continue to scale up disease surveillance and control.

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