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Savez-vous ce que fait l’UNIDO, l’Organisation des Nations Unies pour le Développement Industriel, pour  booster l économie locale dans les pays comme le Malawi ? Découvrez comment on donne à ces pays la chance de grandir en toute autonomie.


Do you know what UNIDO, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, is doing to boost the local economy in countries like Malawi? Find out how we give these countries the chance to grow independently.

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Malawi – the warm heart of Africa – is a country of friendly farmers who could lead the country’s economic growth.

Agriculture employs more than 80% of the population
How come?
To sell what they produce, Malawian farmers and producers need to connect to markets by showing that their products are safe and of good quality.

To help them do so, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, UNIDO, together with the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation, Norad launched a project in 2013.

Let’s see what the team did!
UNIDO strengthened capacity of the Malawi Bureau of Standards, MBS,
to deliver certifications in compliance with food safety and quality-related regulations, providing confidence to businesses
and consumers in Malawi.
Jessie Kachepa is a farmer working in chili processing with 6,000 other farmers in the NASFAM Zikometso Innovation and Productivity Center, IPC.
Like Jessie, these farmers have learnt better agricultural practices and post-harvesting techniques, as well as how to comply with quality standards and national technical regulations.
As a result, chili sauce produced in Jessie’s IPC got certified by MBS.
Thanks to this, production will increase from 1200 to 3600 bottles per day. This allows farmers like Jessie to sell more, increase income and improve their livelihoods.
Today, Jessie’s products can be sold in local shops and restaurants.
Because “farming is business”, farmers can become the cornerstone of economic growth.
And there are still more products to work on!

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