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Manutan innove une nouvelle marque : la sienne !
Manutan fournit, depuis plus de 50 ans, des produits multimarques de tout ce qu’il faut pour l’environnement professionnel : mobilier emballage, sécurité, hygiène, équipement extérieur… Aujourd’hui, Manutan crée sa propre propre gamme de produits essentiels qui répondent exactement à vos besoins. Découvrez pourquoi cette marque est la meilleure alternative aux grandes marques en regardant cette vidéo explicative ci-dessous.

Cette vidéo est en anglais, cela dit, vous pouvez toujours visiter le site de Manutan pour en savoir plus…



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<Transcript :</     Karin is in charge of purchasing for her company « Lighten your life ». She needs to find an alternative option to expensive brands, and she is struggling to find new quality lockers at a competitive price.   It’s now time for her to discover the new range of Manutan branded products! Already a leading supplier of workplace products for 50 years, selling everything from furniture, packaging, security, to cleaning, storage solutions, shelving…, Manutan has now created its own label and provides a complete range of products that meets 3 main needs:   Daily essentials: carefully selected products which you use every day. Quality: High quality products all with an outstanding 10 year guarantee! Fair price: Excellent value for money and a great option to known brands.   Karin can trust  the Manutan brand and be assured to save money when purchasing from this new range. This is the alternative choice she was looking for !   And that’s not all! Thanks to customers feedbacks, Manutan continues to increase its offer day after day with new products, across many categories.   And you, why not switch to the Manutan brand and save today!    

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