Orphoz est un cabinet de conseil créé par McKinsey & Company et qui a pour vocation de mener à bien des programmes de transformations à forts enjeux. Le cabinet propose une approche audacieuse, basée sur la confiance et respectueuse des équipes.

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This is Bob.

Bob joined a software development team as an IT project leader just a few weeks ago, and everything has been going just fine…


Until recently, when the project turned into a painful situation:

Developers are doubting Business product vision Business is doubting estimates given by developers Management is doubting the team’s ability to deliver on time


This is a serious trust issue.

To restore it, Bob could use a few Agile coaching tricks:

Let the development team be autonomous in selecting the sprint work to be achieved Have 1-on-1 feedback sessions

Transform 1 out of 2 retrospectives into fact-based problem-solving sessions

Foster pair-programming to get instant feedback on code quality

Allow different people to lead during daily meetings


And… A few weeks later, we see trust coming back!

Good job Bob.

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