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How the digital experts of SILVEO implement solutions to build your « smart » factory
SILVEOSILVEO is not just another digital company. Their dedicated specialists know the dedicated tools that you will not find everywhere. Have a look to their state-of-the-art solutions through this video illustrated in whiteboard animation, or else, you can consult the dedicated site of SILVEO.


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<Transcript :</     Dan is the CIO of an automotive company and he has a hard time making it roll. Constant demands and problems arise: delayed reports, wrong numbers, mismatches between customer orders and inventory…   And today, Mark, his new CEO, announced he wants to head towards the future: the 4.0 industry, and turn into a « smart » factory.   Dan needs help to take more on his plate. He looks for advice from his friend Tony,   Tony’s the CIO in a famous cosmetics factory with a state-of-the-art IT system, making their company totally connected ! Tony explains to Dan how Silveo, a team of dedicated experts helped him implement solutions at all levels :   An Integrated Business Plan with SAP IBP to align Finance, Demand and Supply A demand-driven supply chain orchestrated digitally with electronic KANBAN and Just-In-Time solutions designed on SAP FIORI and SAP Cloud Platform,   Connecting our machines and IoT sensors with MES to control manufacturing process in real-time, detecting deviations and reacting rapidly, Consolidating and analyzing machine data to optimize performance with SAP Leonardo   That’s how, from planning to execution, SILVEO is making your Digital manufacturing real!  

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