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Après avoir fait appel à VideoTelling pour produire 3 vidéos, chacune décrivant une de leurs lignes de service très spécialisées dans le domaine de l’assurance et du cautionnement, Tinubu Square fait à nouveau appel à la magie explicative de la vidéo dessinée.


Au milieu d’une certaine complexité, l’équipe d’artistes de Videotelling a su extraire l’essentiel pour montrer la force de Tinubu Square, un expert de la transformation digitale dans son secteur.

Transcript vidéo
In a world of globalization, credit insurance business model and customer’s expectations are evolving rapidly.


Alan’s company has to meet this challenge and replace its legacy systems by a streamlined and modern tool connecting the team to its customers and partners!

A fully integrated solution enabling him to focus on his goal: grow his credit insurance business.


Tinubu Square experts have developed the best solution!

The Credit Insurance Suite platform incorporates every step of credit insurance processes.

From a single tool the whole team can interact with internal and external ecosystemsThe solution is based on 20 years’ experience in digitalization and a track record of successful SaaS solution delivery.
Through automation it improves decision processes and maximizes efficiency!


Tinubu Square solution is Global but can also be customized to include local specifications.

Whether it’s a new client coverage or setting up a new office, Alan will see a significant time and cost reduction.


Moreover, the CIS platform provides in-depth reporting for best governance and transparency, as well as real-time risk management visibility with embedded enforced rules.

Finally, the implementation of the platform is fast and straightforward.


Alan has found the solution to grow and duplicate his model and enter new markets across the globe.

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