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Découvrez comment Tinubu Square communique aux organismes d’assurances crédit commercial en quête de solutions pour plus d’efficacité.


La transformation digitale peut être d’un grand secours lorsque l’on doit collecter et recouper de nombreuses données. C’est ainsi que Tinubu Square met son savoir-faire au service des banques et des organismes d’assurance crédit qui peuvent ramener des taches de plusieurs semaines à une quinzaine de minutes

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Welcome to Credit Insurance world !
When a Commercial Underwriter receives a new customer request, he knows the time-consuming tasks he will be facing:


He won’t be able to share all information he receives with his coworkers:
Risk Underwriters.
Handwritten documents exchanged will create additional errors.


Checking companies solvency becomes a nightmare.
Commercial Underwriters spend too much time checking incomplete data and everyone loses time which could be spent elsewhere.


It’s time to find what a real digital transformation is !
Tinubu Square experts have developed a solution where customers and brokers can submit to Commercial Underwriters, through web portals, all needed information.
Credit Insurance System (CIS) collects and organizes all information in a centralized database.It allows faster companies solvency checks, and collaborative work, and also improves decision process with enforced powerful Delegation of Authority system.


Commercial Underwriters connect to the internal system to have access to necessary data in order to quote the policy rapidly.
We’re talking about reduction of time from two weeks to 15 minutes !


Faster and better decisions, risks under control, equal lot of time and money saving for Credit Insurance Company, while being more efficient.


Increase Customers satisfaction through modern, simplified customer experience and successful digital transformation


contact us at www. tinubu.com

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