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Orphoz est un cabinet de conseil créé par McKinsey & Company et qui a pour vocation de mener à bien des programmes de transformations à forts enjeux. Le cabinet propose une approche audacieuse, basée sur la confiance et respectueuse des équipes.

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Bob’s final challenge is about technology.

He will have to use his deep knowledge of software engineering to deal with his team’s pain points :


Releases cause regression in existing features Efforts to develop new features grow continuously

Application availability drops due to unexpected bugs


These are common symptoms of Technical Debt which is the price companies pay for past flawed fixes.

But Bob has a way out by promoting healthy software engineering practices:Assess business impact of Technical Debt tradeoffs

Raise Product Owner’s awareness on Technical Debt consequences

Use code analysis tools to support Technical Debt prioritization

Allocate regular code refactoring effort in every sprint


And remember, Bob: always balance your improvement efforts on all three dimensions, people, processes and technology, to ensure sustainable impact.

Best of luck in your Agile journey!

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